Thank you for checking out The Seeing Chamber.

This is a thoughtful place for inspiration and understanding as you walk this path of life.

It’s a place to, put plainly, “see,” as Merriam-Webster* puts it:
to perceive or detect; to have experience of; to come to know, discover; to form a mental picture of, visualize; to perceive the meaning of, understand; to recognize; or to imagine as a possibility.


Who is writing for you at The Seeing Chamber?

I am a lifelong writer who studied (and graduated with a degree in) English — which included a lot of reflection and philosophizing just as much as writing. I have had some articles published under my real name but have used the pen name of Brenna Pierson, as well, after discovering that a published author of romance and erotica writes under my real name (true story :)). For those interested, there will also be some short stories and flash fiction pieces.


Confucious said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Let’s be the ones who see it…one way or another.


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