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If You Could Post Your Ideal Summer on Social Media….

If you could post your ideal summer on social media, what would it look like? There are a ton of things to feature: watermelon, the ocean, fishing, mountains, the night sky, ice cream, volleyball….The list is endless.

And wouldn’t it be cool to post all that on, say, your Instagram account? What would that look like? Wouldn’t it look fun? Maybe something like this?

Picture of Ideal Summer Instagram Posts

Imagine what your version would look like. Okay, now that you have the wishlist, go make these things happen.

But only post about one or two.

Your ice cream isn’t there to be photographed and teaches us something important: At some point, it’s going to melt. It’s possible to enjoy the moment if you’re living in “posting mode.”

So choose only the best to post about, even that means only one thing. Otherwise, just enjoy your ice cream — that’s what it’s for.

*Social media collage photo credits: From Feet/water by Larissa Degen, ice cream by Patrick Nijhuis, fair by Dlritter, camp by Christian Nielsen, Sinai huts by Henrik Bernhard, s’mores by James Rubio, popsicle by Gyom Seguin, flowers by Joanne Lam. From Dress/sandals by Jessica Gale.