Why We Love Sunsets: from Art to Bucket Lists

“More sunsets.” That was one of the to-do’s on a bucket list published online.

There’s just something about sunsets. Sure, they’re beautiful, but there are a lot of things that can carry that label.

Yet not many are quite as inspiring as a perfect sunset. We’re drawn to them; we capture them in art and photography.

In part, if beauty really is within, there’s a lot within a sunset.

For one thing, there’s a certain amount of luck in seeing a lovely sunset. When you see the ones with every color imaginable in the sky all together — lavender, orange, pink, yellow — that’s truly a lucky moment.

sunset quote

The Best Thing About Sunsets

The amazing thing is sunsets are just there: You don’t have to go to great pains to make a sunset happen. You couldn’t force a sunset if you wanted to.

You don’t have any control over them, and yet they’re among the most beautiful things in the world. And we can see a stunning sunset from a lot of places — even in the city, if we’re fortunate. And for some, those might be some of the greatest sunsets in the world: those against a building-laden skyline, suddenly donning nature onto the scene.

An art teacher once told a story about her student days. She was taking a class in abstract expressionism, and during the first painting critique, the professor chastised a student for painting a sunset because they are so common in art.

But that student saw something in sunsets that the teacher had lost: She could appreciate them.

A beautiful sunset is something you never forget. So let’s all be that art student rather than the teacher — in fact, let’s add “more sunsets” to our bucket lists today.




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