“Time Stamp: Back to the 80’s (Part Two: For Reals….)”


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"Time Stamp: Back to the 80's" (Part Two), a Short Story Series by Brenna Pierson


Jennifer’s eyes opened slowly…so slowly it was just like she had seen on TV when people are waking up from anesthesia. She was fully cognizant, though, of what just happened—even though for a moment, her mind played with the idea that it was all a dream.

She saw Lisa standing over her, staring with the most ridiculous, not-knowing-what-to-think look she ever had—and Jennifer knew it was real. She sat up in a comfortable bed—feeling comfortable until she looked at it. The bedsheets and blanket were riddled with bright patterns with geometric shapes that looked slapped together—a random circle, tilted square, then a squiggly line, all in the most neon, in-your-face colors she had ever seen.

“Jennifer!” Lisa said. “How do you feel? Do you remember anything?”

Jennifer put her hand to her head as she looked around in complete awe. “I remember going into the time machine and falling asleep.”

“They set it up so that I would wake up first,” said Lisa, “then you, then Casey.”

“What?” Jennifer asked, still in a daze.

“After we fell asleep, we…appeared in a time machine here—in the 80’s—and they drove us to this house we’re living in.” She also looked around the room, at the same time Jennifer was gaping at the wall, where overlapping posters with unfamiliar boys were tacked on ©Brenna Pierson

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