“Time Stamp: Back to the 80’s (Part Two: For Reals….)” (Page 4)

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The school really wasn’t that far, as the kids were supposed to go to a school within their boundaries. They pulled up onto the side of the street and parked among a bunch of other cars that, to Jennifer and Casey, looked boxy and old, even though they were in their own hey-day. Lisa, however, felt as if she just set foot back at home—even though she had never been in this particular neighborhood or even this state.

They walked past a big marquis-type sign with the dates of the first half days, and were guided by stuck-on black and gold arrows saying “office” to the school office area. The students they passed were on their lunch break—and stared weirdly at Casey and Jennifer, not like there was something wrong with them but just something different, something missing. Jennifer and Casey, however, could not believe what they were seeing: kids from the ages of 7 and up had hairstyles that could only be described as “huge,” with the sides, bangs and anything possible sticking out or sticking up. 

Jennifer and Casey were faced with a school office staff full of even adults who had “big hair.” A lady came to greet them with a huge smile and even larger earrings shaped like triangles. Lisa explained that they just moved from out of state and needed to enroll the kids in school. When handed the form, Lisa’s mind froze: What if they were asked for the kids’ Social Security Numbers? What if they looked it up somehow? She glanced the form over and saw no sign of a Social Security Number ask—and remembered that they probably would not have had an instant way to look up such information, anyway.

The lady with the triangle earrings slapped her gum around in her mouth. “So, you’re just moving from out of state?” she said. Lisa smiled and nodded, writing away on the application as fast as she could. The lady asked, “Where are you coming from?”

Lisa stopped writing for a moment. The kids stood still as stone—but Lisa could feel them staring at her. “Oh,” said Lisa, with a pause. “Hawaii.”

Triangle-earring lady gasped. “Awesome!” she said. “Why ever would you leave and move here?”

“It’s a change all right,” said Lisa, knowingly.

Triangle-earring lady just chewed her gum and smiled. ©Brenna Pierson

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