“Time Stamp: Back to the 80’s (Part Four: A Grody Curfew)

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"Time Stamp: Back to the 80's" (Part Four), a Short Story Series by Brenna Pierson


Casey sat on the floor of their temporary living room, bopping his head around to the beat of a boombox. A hard rock love song had just ended, being replaced with a loud synthesizer song—one that Jennifer recognized as being by “Dead or Alive” from her trip to the mall with her 80’s friends.

“I don’t wanna go home!” Casey complained. “This curfew is grody!” He began laughing hysterically. “That’s a new word I learned the other day! It means—”

“I know what it means,” said Lisa, with a small laugh, yet holding back telling him that only girls tended to say it. “But we have to go back.”

“I want to stay, too,” said Jennifer. Both Lisa and Casey turned and stared in shock—Jennifer, the girl who wanted nothing to do with the trip back in time, suddenly did not want to return to her own time.

Jennifer continued. “Well, I just don’t,” she said, sounding suddenly rebellious. “It was…fun somehow.”

“Are you kidding me?” Casey exclaimed. “There’s no cell phones and no internet! You can’t live without that, Jenny!”

“Yeah, but—”

She was interrupted by the phone ringing a loud, tinny ring. Casey shot up and grabbed the receiver off the wall, putting it to his head upside-down.

Lisa quickly motioned for him to give him the phone. “Let me have it, honey,” she said. Casey begrudgingly handing it over.

Lisa listened on the receiver for a few minutes, saying only, “Yes. Yes, of course,” then hanging up. She turned to the kids and sighed a bit. “That was the government saying it’s time to come home,” she said. “We have to make sure we’re in bed by 10:00—then the implant will make us fall asleep. And the government will come by the house after that and drive us back to the time machine.”

“Oh!” Casey whined. Jennifer looked down and pouted.

“There’s one last thing,” said Lisa. “Remember to make sure not to tell anyone about this.”

“Yeah, yeah,” said Jennifer, in a sulking tone. “If we do, we won’t get the money. Do I get any of that money?”

“Well, we won’t get the money,” said Lisa, “and remember my unemployment is still out at home. But also, we won’t be able to come back.”

Both Jennifer and Casey looked at her in shock. “Come back?” Casey said, nearly yelling.

“Well,” said Lisa, almost hesitating, “there is a possibility. I didn’t want to tell you until I saw how this first trip went, but we may be
asked again.”

Suddenly, a quick guitar riff pierced through Casey’s boombox, Casey yelling, “This song! The one I mentioned!”

Meanwhile, a loud voice sounded on the boombox, “Kick it!” ©Brenna Pierson

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