“Time Stamp: Back to the 80’s (Part Three: MASHin’ at the Mall)”


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"Time Stamp: Back to the 80's" (Part Three), a Short Story Series by Brenna Pierson


Jennifer sat on a bench in front of the school library. It was her third day—and though she sat there in an appropriate one-shouldered sweatshirt, like in some 80’s movie she had seen—“Flash” something—she had not made any friends. That, of course, did not completely matter, since she would only be there for another week a half—but it still felt awkward, just like not having any friends yet in her own time. Across the path, a poster on the library window said “READ,” on it, with some half-familiar lady smiling with a book in her hand.

Her view of the poster was suddenly blocked by three girls from her class. They were all kind of looking at her—one with long blond hair; one with teased-out, short black hair; and one dressed fairly conservatively, Jennifer thought, with a flared skirt and a large perm. The one with long hair waved at Jennifer.

“Hey,” she said, coming over to Jennifer, the other two following. “So what’s it like in Hawaii?”

“Oh,” said Jennifer, “different.”

“Say,” said the girl with the perm. “Maybe you can come over this weekend to Ellie’s house and tell us about it!” ©Brenna Pierson

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