“Time Stamp: Back to the 80’s (Part Three: MASHin’ at the Mall)” (Page 3)

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Ellie looked at Jennifer squarely. “Did you not have time to do your hair?” she asked.

Jennifer wondered a moment—then realized how flat her hair must have looked to them.

“Uh…Leave her alone,” said Mandy, playfully. “Maybe she was in a hurry like before school.” However, Jennifer didn’t recall mentioning being in a hurry in the morning.

Nonetheless, Jennifer put her hand on her flat hair and smoothed it down further. “I…am always kind of in a hurry,” she said.

“Oh, my God,” said Ellie. “Well….Like, I think we can fix that.”

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” said Kirsti.

“Okay,” said Mandy, “but let’s not take too long! I want to go to the mall!”

They ushered Jennifer into the bathroom, which had a smattering of various hair brushes and other toiletries—either in bold colors or soft pastels.

“Oh, most of these are totally my mom’s,” said Ellie, picking up a thin comb. “Here….I’ll rat out your hair for you.”

Jennifer stiffened, wondering what on earth “rat out” meant when it came to hair. While Ellie was picking up portions of her hair, Jennifer glanced around the counter, seeing not one flat iron among the bunch. She looked back into the mirror, seeing that Ellie was teasing her hair—and not the “underneath” areas but rather the very top, then the middle layer, then the bottom layer…all throughout.

“Awesome!” said Mandy, looking on. “That looks so good!”

Ellie then grabbed a can of aerosol hairspray, pulled out just the side of Jennifer’s hair with a comb, and held the comb in place so that one inch of hair or so was pulled out; then she started spraying that one section held out by the comb. Then she started spraying all around Jennifer’s head…and spraying and spraying. Jennifer tried to hold her breath, but when she finally let it out and inhaled again, all she could smell was hairspray chemicals. ©Brenna Pierson

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