“Time Stamp: Back to the 80’s (Part Three: MASHin’ at the Mall)” (Page 4)

She whipped out her friend’s cell phone….Kirsti stared on, completely confused. ‘Is that your calculator?’


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Kirsti raised her hand. “I’ll do her bangs!” Ellie handed over the comb and hairspray, and Kirsti proceeded to do the same routine with Jennifer’s bangs: She brought them up with a comb, held it, then hairsprayed for a good long time so that Jennifer’s bangs stuck straight up.

After the whole ordeal, Jennifer took her hand and patted the top of her head.

“Oh…my…God,” she whispered, for her hair was completely stiff.

“Rad!” said Mandy. “Now we can go to the mall!”

They bustled back into the living room, Jennifer following despite a lack of clean air and a headache starting from her hair being stiffened beyond all belief—which seemed to make it feel heavier. The other girls stopped to wait for her, but Jennifer stopped short when she saw what actually was across from the couch: The large black box was actually a TV. Ellie’s little sister was playing with some sort of toys on the couch, but Jennifer gazed in horror at the gargantuan TV.

“Oh, my God,” she said again.

“What?” asked Kirsti, her eyes widening.

Jennifer could not take her eyes off the TV. “Your TV is so huge.”

“Thanks!” said Ellie, taking it as a compliment. “We used to have a small one, but my dad totally just got a raise.”

“No,” said Jennifer. “I mean, where I come…In Hawaii, our TVs are a lot thinner. They’re not all huge and boxy.”

Ellie put her hands on her hips. “Are you bagging on me?”

“No!” Jennifer said, telling from Ellie’s tone that she was offended. “It’s just…In Hawaii, we don’t have much room.” She whipped out her friend’s cell phone from her jeans pocket, the one she had borrowed and snuck into the 80’s, and tried to turn it on. She pressed and pressed the power button, but it stayed completely dead.

Kirsti stared on, completely confused. “Is that your calculator?”

“No!” Jennifer cried, irritated—the fun she almost started having turned sour when she spotted that “archaic” TV. “Here, look. It’s something we have in Hawaii.” The other girls quickly gathered round.©Brenna Pierson

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